Stolen from nobitte :)
2005-03-15 05:18:56 ET

Song that makes you happy: Trick me - Kelis

Song that makes you want to cry: I belong to you - Lenny Kravitz.

Song that makes you feel dreamy: You rock my world - Bel Canto.

Song that makes you sleepy: The soundtrack from Blade Runner.

Song that makes you want to dance: Yeah - Usher.

Song that makes you want to close your ears: Some norwegian singer named Jan Werner..

Song that turns you on: God is a DJ - Faithless.

Song that makes you feel relaxed: Sail away with me - David Grey.

Song that makes you feel inspired: The Seed - The Roots feat. Cody Chestnut.

Song that makes you want to sing along: Get it toghether - Beastie Boys.

Song that you cant get enough of: Enjoy - Bjork.

2005-03-15 05:27:16 ET

muaha... or something along those lines

2005-03-15 08:19:05 ET

i love that it all starts out with rap and then goes into country. you're cute.

2005-03-15 11:02:45 ET

OMFG ?! I have country in there, I didn't know that! :D
What, where? David Grey ?
I usually don't like that :]
Thanks, you're sweet to say I'm cute Ginger ;)

Nobitte: yeah ;)

2005-03-15 16:40:11 ET

I'm so stealing this!

2005-03-16 02:31:29 ET

I love Bjork <33

2005-03-16 13:06:47 ET

no slipknot? its an outrage

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