I need.
2005-03-25 09:45:41 ET

To vent, to talk about it, to write it down to get it in system, but I can't do that here or on my other livejournal, there are people that visit my page that I don't want to know my thoughts on a partucular issue..

Frustrating.. and my two bestest friends that know about it, are busy, one is getting her boyfriend back from Poland today and the other one is on vacation!


2005-03-25 09:49:12 ET

PM me. Vent away and I'll respond later tonight. :]

2005-03-25 09:52:56 ET

Ack .. he beat me to the PM thing.

Well, make a completely private, your eyes only posting on livejournal. That's what I do when I need to get something out of my system and I don't need others knowing about it.

2005-03-25 09:54:01 ET

You could PM me the ventage as well.

I'll respond once I've read it. :)


2005-04-05 02:14:33 ET

PMs are ALWAYS welcome! Hoş geldiniz canım!!! :)


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