Ahhh, hmm.
2005-03-25 13:05:29 ET

Thanks for all the support, guys, I appreciate it :)) Awesome!

Right now I'm listening to hardcore-techno real loud, having a beer and run in and out of the porch to smoke, feeling calmer now.
Strangely enough, considering the music.
But then again, techno have always had a purifyin effect of me, katarsis.

Much <3!

2005-03-25 13:47:17 ET

I wish I had techno and beer.

However, I have to work in an hour.


2005-03-25 17:41:02 ET

<3 *hugs*

2005-04-05 02:15:35 ET

tEcHnO aNd BeEr!



2005-04-07 17:39:18 ET

techno can be very relaxing and motivating its good

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