Sooo, another one of these :)
2005-04-14 08:04:22 ET

Reply with your name and I'll tell you something I adore about you.

Afterwards, copy and paste this into your own journal.

2005-04-14 09:38:27 ET


2005-04-14 10:12:30 ET

Megan: You are so wonderfully open about your feelings and your state of mind, I admire that and I adore that you are so willing to share pictures of you beautiful animals and surroundings :)

2005-04-15 06:53:00 ET


2005-04-15 09:01:52 ET


2005-04-15 09:02:10 ET

(yes, that is a row of smiley faces...)

2005-04-16 04:14:36 ET

Gage: You have a handsome face and I adore you for posting comics on your page :))

2005-04-16 07:18:13 ET

HeatherKat :D

2005-04-16 11:27:13 ET


2005-04-17 20:24:40 ET

Heather: I looove the way you write about everyday things, and you rightful harm over that stupid roommate was great, I think I would like you in real life as well! :)

Becca: What can I say ? You have a wonderful sence of humor, and you talk of your feelings with such ease, I admire that. :)

2005-04-18 05:44:44 ET


2005-04-19 03:47:31 ET

*bright red!*

thanks :)

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