Gotta love Douglas Adams!
2005-04-29 23:16:54 ET

This is from a book called "Last Chanse to see" by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine:

"I've heard an idea proposed, I've no idea how seriously,
to account for the sensation of vertigo.
It's an idea that I instinctively like and it goes like this:
The dizzy sensation we experience when standing on high places is not simply
a fear of falling.
It's often the case that the only thing likely to make us fall is the actual dizziness itself, so it is, at best, an extremely irrational, even self-fulfilling fear.
However, in the distant past of our evolutionary journey towards our current state, we lived in trees. We lept from tree to tree.
There are even those who speculate that we may have something birdlike in our ancestral line.
In which case, there may be some part of our mind that, when confronted
with a void, expects to be able to leap out into it and even urges us to do so.

So what you end up with is a conflict between a primitiv, atavistic part of your mind which is saying "JUMP!" and the more modern, rational part of your mind which is saying "FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, DONT!" "

I'm going for this theory! ;)

2005-05-01 09:59:44 ET

haha, that book rocks. It's actually my favourite Douglas Adams book. I thought the whole bit about the kakapo was so hilarious...
-"come and GET me!"
-"go to hell!"

2005-05-01 11:25:35 ET

Yeah, I know :D
I laughed SOOO hard when I read that! :D
"come and GET me"
"where are you?"
"come and GET me!"
"Where are you?"
"Come and get me!"
"Go to hell!"

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