Oh my God..
2005-05-03 19:30:59 ET

Here I send this innocent sms to The Guy, just wanting to say I think about Him and wish Him a good night.. And the answer I get is:
"Had you in my mind just a little while ago. Thought about how pretty you were when *bleeeeeeep*" (And yes, I cencored that one, there are delicate persons here ;)
He seriously knocks my feet under me when I least expect it ;)
He made me think about it, and I had trouble sleeping last night =)

Ack, I need him to come see me again, sometime sooooooon.. But it seems we wont see eachother in a long while, that sucks!

2005-05-03 19:57:13 ET

I can use my imagination...thats awesome.
I hope you see him again asap and have an awesome time.

2005-05-04 10:29:44 ET

Thanks sweetie, I hope so too! :)

2005-05-06 10:04:54 ET

whenever I receive a cool sms I run and jump around the apartment for no reason. Wait, I do that all the time... but it's still cool ;)

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