2005-08-20 11:02:08 ET

97 days tomorrow, I resign from my work here. And by then I have to have gotten a new job in Trondheim (waaay further south from here and that is where 90% of my friends live) and a new apartement!
I'm so exited, I'm so stressed out, I'm so happy and heartbroken :)
Well, the heartbroken thing is not because of moving, but because my sweet visitor from May have gotten himself a girlfriend.. aaw, well, I'll get over it.

2005-08-20 11:39:19 ET


I'm excited for you! I think next summer I'm going to visit Norway :)

2005-08-20 18:23:25 ET


I demand pictures when you move! ;)

And kiss Faico for me!

2005-08-22 20:16:51 ET

boys are awful. im glad you're getting a new awesome job.

2005-09-05 11:06:58 ET

Yeah, we are all looking forward to you move back here to trondheim! :-) Crazy parties 4tw!!! :-)

2005-09-07 11:55:30 ET

nightshade: hell yeah! :D

2005-09-08 04:06:47 ET

*ponders* I should move to Norway. Or something like that.

*ponders some more*

2005-09-08 11:34:07 ET

Siren: I think you should :))

2005-09-08 12:54:51 ET

=) I'm pondering the logistics of it.

2005-09-27 09:50:44 ET

does Norway need more farmers ?

2005-09-27 20:34:28 ET

I think so ;)

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