2005-09-27 07:59:58 ET

I'm so stressed out.. What if I don't get a job by the time I'm moving ?? What if I can't get an apartement because of my beloved dog ?? What if moving all my stuff costs more than I can afford ?? OMG.
Breathe in, breathe out.. Good things happens to good people, someone once said.. I hope it's true and I hope I'm good people..

2005-09-27 09:12:34 ET

awe, i hope everything works out.
"breathe in, breathe out" brought the band bush's song "machinehead" into my mind and now it's stuck there eternally.. haha :P

2005-09-27 11:12:36 ET

you are good people! everything will work out fine =)

2005-09-27 20:35:30 ET

Thanks, you guys :))

2005-09-27 22:37:49 ET

take a deep breath and everyting will get worked out one way or another.

2005-09-28 11:35:26 ET

I really hope so and I do my best to get things to go my way too :]

2005-10-06 07:39:59 ET

everything will work out! you're good peoples!

2005-10-07 04:24:13 ET

Thanks, Siren :)

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