2005-10-23 11:10:39 ET

I live in the fucking northpole, at least it seems like it. It has snowed like 30 cm since thursday and I had to go shovel it today, IN OCTOBER! Bah. Thank God I'm moving from here in a little more than a month.

On the pluss-side, I gor me a laptop, for free :D
Compaq nc6000, I love it.

2005-10-23 12:42:06 ET

Wow! It's still pretty warm here, no snow or anything.

Yay for new laptops! How did you get it for free?

2005-10-23 15:02:29 ET

how the hell do you get a laptop for free?

2005-10-23 15:13:55 ET

yay snow!

Yay free tight laptop!

2005-10-24 22:02:19 ET

I have a gadget-crazy buddy. He was going to get himself a new laptop, so I joked that he could give me his "old" one (it's only 18 months old) and he said : "Yes, of course, I had already thought of that" He reasoned that he wouldn't get much money for it and use a lot of time to sell it, so he didn't care that I got it for free. He's crazy, but Oh, så kind :))

2005-10-24 22:54:41 ET

WOW I need rich friends damnit!

2005-10-25 04:15:05 ET

thats awesome

2005-10-25 06:04:38 ET

That's great!

Send him my way the next time he decides to update his technology. ;)

2005-12-08 12:54:06 ET


2006-02-02 03:19:08 ET

Yups, for free. :-D

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