2004-01-13 09:21:10 ET

Wonderful, I'm home again after a night long party at my buddys' appartment. I'm just goin about my usual routine after a party then I decide to get on the net and lo and behold a nice little email saying I got to join SK. My friend Tino was the one who showed me this site pretty cool one so I decided to give it a shot so here I am gettin ready for a much needed nap. But before that I should probably finish up my runic tatts...

2004-01-13 09:55:44 ET

Welcome to Sk. :-)

2004-01-13 10:10:54 ET

welcome to my world where the insane is possible weeeeee

2004-01-13 10:18:22 ET

Welcome! ;)

2004-01-13 10:53:35 ET


2004-01-13 11:34:33 ET


2004-01-13 11:52:47 ET


2004-01-13 12:35:25 ET

welcome to SK! i've been to Missoula, though all I remember from it was a KFC.

2004-01-13 12:46:01 ET

The KFC from here? Shouldn't eat there man some of the people there are quite odd and do stuff to the food. But thats okay. Everybody seems pretty cool so far. Actually much more friendly than any other forum I've ever been too thanks for the greetings everybody :D

2004-01-13 12:47:23 ET

Speaking of Montana in general how many ppl here are from this Missoula area?

2004-01-13 14:03:05 ET



2004-01-13 14:05:20 ET

oh and theres 2 from montana:
suhleap devil
and merovingian or something.

ps - want a picture of yourself? haha ive got a couple on my computer!

2004-01-13 14:18:30 ET

Welcome Welcome Welcome

Apparently you're cool....so......do something cool

2004-01-13 15:17:45 ET


:runs around in circles and passes out:

2004-01-13 16:17:30 ET

welcome to sk tina's friend!

2004-01-13 19:06:58 ET

i know all about chu home skillet

2004-01-13 21:45:27 ET


2004-01-14 09:46:57 ET

im late, but welcome

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