Technology is not friendly to me
2004-01-13 21:16:05 ET

Once again my laziness has been my undoing. I go to make some chili and I didn't put anything over it and half of it went allover the microwave ugh just more work and undid my laziness and made me do something.

2004-01-13 21:32:27 ET

newbeee NEWBEEE!

chili needs not toppings

2004-01-13 21:36:51 ET

no no no u see the chili was fine without toppings it exploded in the microwave damn those paper towels

2004-01-13 21:39:15 ET

i get it. see laziness is a trait i too possess. rather than actually READING your entry PROPERLY i skimmed it and guessed what you said.

laziness is like procrastination: you dont do anything right and it all works out in the end after putting more effort into it than initially necessary.

2004-01-13 21:48:44 ET

woooo more lazy ppl! i am not alone in the world!

2004-01-13 22:40:38 ET

yeah, the same thing can happens when you melt butter in the mircowave... cept then you gotta pretend that it wasn't you that was making the popcorn... =P

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