Damn Montana
2004-01-14 18:47:56 ET

Man I am so tired of living in the woods not only is it like 20 degrees colder than it is in town its 20 degrees colder in my house. making it a whopping 40 degrees in this room with no heating cuz the furnace is broken. Oh well atleast now I can slink around the house with my black face mask on and scare the shit outta my family

2004-01-14 19:21:30 ET

wooooo good luck

2004-01-14 19:31:27 ET

yeth, excellent.

2004-01-14 19:36:38 ET

Hey jill watch out cuz i can turn into an overweight midget ninja muahahahaha watch out im on your shoulder!

2004-01-14 19:41:26 ET

kinda like the devil on one shoulder, and an angel on the other....
cept they are obese midgets. =)

2004-01-14 19:52:26 ET

oh you know it. am i the good one or the evil one?

2004-01-14 23:29:32 ET

lucky! (in a sense)
Montana is beautiful

2004-01-15 20:53:10 ET

Yea it is very beutiful here but living here for nineteen years kinda gets old

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