Update on the fight at work
2004-01-14 21:19:55 ET

Well well now I just got an email from my general manager kenny giving me props for hitting Steve. And also to say I'm suspended for 4 day thats okay tho extended weekend!

2004-01-15 14:56:47 ET

do you mind if i ask what led you to satanism?

(dont worry. im not a christian. lol. just curious.)

2004-01-15 20:50:35 ET

My family was all entirely Christian but there were waaaaaay to many flaws in it for me. Wiccanism well hypocritical... The idea of Satanism just appealed to me alot

2004-01-17 17:10:57 ET

ah, i see. so are you satanist as in, self-worshipping, or satan-worshipping?

2004-01-17 21:31:56 ET

self worshipping

2004-01-18 15:10:01 ET

ah, alright. thats understandable. :)

i just cant comprehend the satan-worshipping. especially with those people who are all, "GOD IS FAKE!" hello, if god is fake, so is satan. lol

2004-01-19 12:33:34 ET

lol yes that is quite hypocritical.

2004-01-19 15:17:48 ET

as are most religions...

2004-01-19 15:20:09 ET

Yes that is quite true. Who came up with religion and why didn't they think of it in a way that could be concieved as true? I honestly think that all thought and what we have today really came from a long relationship with hallucinogenic mushrooms. I dont know what do you think?

2004-01-19 15:26:15 ET

honestly i think religion was born of

*people's insecurity about their mortality (i.e. needing to believe there is an afterlife because they cant deal with the fact that this is all there is)

*ancient people's misinterperetation of .. everything

*and something about how people know there is a balance in the universe, and they need names for the forces because... they're stupid?

2004-01-19 15:30:19 ET

that is a good arguement but i think people needed answers and people must have had some sort of influence to think of god heaven the devil hell demons adam and eve. To the people of the old world when they were encountered with something like a shroom they must have thought god was comming down upon them and they answered it that way. I'm really not sure if that made sense or not I'm kinda delirious from lack of sleep

2004-01-19 16:39:31 ET

it made sense but im not sure if id attribute religion to drugs. more like a power trip or something.

2004-01-19 18:13:29 ET

a power trip is likely i'm curious whats your idea on the power trip? It is entirely possible but im not sure whoever came with religion for a power trip could possibly been that imaginitive but then again I could be underestimating them

2004-01-20 12:12:40 ET

well there's no way to REALLY know. lol. but i do know that when christianity came around, only the religious figureheads could read. so they could say the bible said any damn thing they wanted - and, with all the "translations," it's very likely that they did.

earlier religions, however, are less likely to have anything to do with a desire for power, mainly because most are earth-based instead of really deity-based. (they have deities, of course, but you know what i mean.)

2004-01-21 08:16:34 ET

yes i do. hmmm very good point its time for me to ponder

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