2004-01-15 20:59:03 ET

Damn my day was fucking odd as hell... Get a call from work telling me I'm off suspension and tell me they really really need me to work so I decide why the hell not? As I'm goin to work I hit a fence and I'm thinkin great today is gonna suck. Well I got employee of the month still have no idea how that happened, a payraise, and a 30 dollar check in addition to my 400 dollar check. But to top off the day I had to go hang out with wierd ass insane hillbillies... But I got some stuff and now I'm happy

2004-01-15 21:14:21 ET

This one time all these creepy hillbilly kids came to my hotel party and I was like wtf? I didn't even know my city HAD hillbillies.

Oh yay someone who likes Slipknot and Manson too!

2004-01-15 21:33:25 ET

so was you on suspension
and they tell you that you arent anymore, give you empoyee of the month and $30 that is crazy

2004-01-15 21:38:29 ET

yea ill fuckin say i work with a bunch of stoners what can ya expect... Man these hillbillies were the wierdst of all it was like a mix of trailertrash hillbilly and gangster it was so hilarious

2004-01-15 21:40:08 ET

ehh yeah that is extremely insane though

2004-01-15 21:43:12 ET

Adam are you posting in everybody's journal? Hahah you're gonna raped...today just isn't your day .

2004-01-15 21:44:55 ET

yeah, hahaha
yeah shes decided today is rape adam day

2004-01-15 21:45:37 ET

cool *rapes* We should start a cult.

2004-01-15 21:45:57 ET

And by we I mean me and Rayven.

2004-01-15 21:45:58 ET

oh no....you can't start raping me too!

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