Help me please...
2004-01-16 07:09:38 ET

Do any of you know good ways to fall asleep? I'm a horrible insomniac and my body really really doesn't like it. Because after about 3 days w/o sleep I start to get schizophrenic like symptoms like seeing and hearing things... My mind works very oddly under a certain amount of stress and well this'll be my third night up help if you can plz. As much as I don't like to sleep I value my sanity the most over all.

2004-01-16 07:13:44 ET

yeah.. that's just not healthy.
I'm a raging insomniac too, but there are some herbal teas that help; mixing equal parts chamomile, kava-kava, catnip and hops works well.

2004-01-16 07:16:15 ET

I've tried the chamomile before doesn't really work that well... whats the kava-kava and as for the catnip I don't have any around the house and my town has a problem selling hops to ppl under 21 stupid drinking laws...

2004-01-16 07:20:56 ET

Pop in the original Fantasia, that was always my secret weapon when I used to babysit crazy children as a teenager. Should knock you out by the Sugarplum Fairy segment, if not sooner. :)

2004-01-16 07:23:19 ET

that might work too.

2004-01-16 07:23:39 ET

Lmao that might work except I like some of the things in Fantasia and am likely to stay awake to watch em especially the last one. I might try some different teas tonight but dang not sleeping is getting old... and i seem to be smelling pot but i cant be because i dont own any right now... gah im goin nuts already

2004-01-16 07:23:59 ET

have you tried valerian?
it smells like shit but it works.

2004-01-16 07:27:00 ET

I've haven't heard of it what kind of herb is it? I'm pretty much outta ideas ive tried all the herbs in my books not workin...

2004-01-16 07:27:52 ET

So will mixing different herbs make a drink more potent? because I really haven't tried making muli herb tea before

2004-01-16 07:28:15 ET

2004-01-16 07:31:01 ET

thank you maybe now ill be in dreamy land soon

2004-01-16 07:44:07 ET

good luck on that.

2004-01-16 07:46:38 ET

Dark City:

2004-01-16 08:05:46 ET

yeah, listen to sybarite, valerian will knock you out, and catnip might work- they usually have catnip plants at garden shops. passionflower works well too, though sometimes it can be hard to find.

2004-01-16 08:14:47 ET

yeah, listen to me.. I rock. ;)

passionflower can cause a bit of stomach upset with some people, so be careful of that.. and if you have any allergies to ragweed, chamomile will make them worse, so..yeah.

2004-01-16 09:01:52 ET

if you arent trying to keep it natural or whatever, take a benadryl or two.

2004-01-16 10:36:00 ET

there are alot of insomniacs round these boards...fear not if you cant sleep at least u'll have lots of company!
and heroin alwyas makes me fall asleep...try it! lol

2004-01-16 15:01:39 ET


2004-01-16 16:00:20 ET

have you tryed smoking herbs?

2004-01-16 20:34:50 ET

hahaha yessss smoking herb is fun... i tried but it doesn't help because i always wanna draw or carve or paint or write or uh this actually

2004-01-16 20:36:00 ET

last thing to put me to sleep was drinkin like a 1/2 gallon of vodka to myself in an hour god i turned into a robot that night he

2004-01-17 11:09:18 ET


unisom gel tabs?

maybe half a bottle of nyquil, or maybe you should see a doctor.

2004-01-17 21:33:39 ET

eh i stopped seein my psychiatrist looooong ago he was a quack... nyquil might work... pills just make me sick now

2004-01-17 21:34:29 ET

nyquil or tylenol pm

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