This sucks
2004-01-17 07:02:05 ET

Okay last night was cool I still couldn't sleep so I snuck out to go party with my friends that was a fuckin blast no quams there... Hell even when I came home my parents were still asleep. But as I was getting ready to leave the party I asked some girl to go see a movie and once again another girl laughs at me what the fuck thats a nice rejection especially when it happens twice in a fuckin row! Could someone please tell me what I'm doin wrong and why I keep getting laugh at... This shit is really starting to depress me. arrrrg I hate being single right now I just want somebody to hold...

2004-01-17 08:37:17 ET

girls are kinda lame sometimes...don't be toooo sad though...because maybe those girls are just a waste of time.

2004-01-17 21:34:31 ET

yea it doesn't help my confidence tho...

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