2004-01-18 06:50:10 ET

Day seven of work this will be my seventh day of straight work this shit needs to end right fucking now! My feet hurt from standing like up to 10 hours a day. Someone kill my manager please. And well I hafta show up to work in like 40 minutes but my bro is in the shower and wont get out he take 30 min to take a shower. Looks like today is going to be one of those days. But hey maybe I'll have better luck with girls today. It always seems that the worse the morning the better the day I have as vise versa. I hope so because I really would like a girl to hang out with instead of my best friends girlfriend. Shes cool an all but just not the same.

2004-01-18 07:13:38 ET

7 days straight with no days off? ummm.. that's illegal in most places.

2004-01-18 07:18:27 ET

not here... and not if youre over 18 i hate this states fucking laws but thats okay i found out earlier i get like 4 days off in a row so thatll be nice then me schedule is back to normal thank god. besides nobody here cares how long they make you work

2004-01-18 07:22:37 ET

Wow. That's -crazy- .
TIme to look for a new job, maybe?

2004-01-18 07:28:25 ET

i dunno i dont plan on getting one until im done with my night school class. besides they're trying to get me a promotion... might go for it i mean 40 hours a week garunteed and a pay raise and weekends off finally! wooo we shall see tho have my eye on this job workin with my aunt

2004-01-18 15:38:09 ET

hopefully someday one of those days will be good....i wish you the best of luck. work is way overrated

2004-01-19 12:40:17 ET

yea work is very highly overrated but i need the money

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