2004-01-19 12:42:32 ET

I think I've quite literally lost my mind this time. I'm not sure what the deal is but I feel very lost and disoriented. This was my 11th time doing mushrooms last night. And after the fact I feel empty like theres nothing left in me to give to anything. Just writing this is quite a task. These ones were very very potent I wonder...

2004-01-19 13:12:28 ET

ewww. i did mushrooms ONCE, had the worst trip of my life, and never did them again.

2004-01-19 13:54:48 ET

i hear that a lot but i've never had a bad trip just off of acid. mushrooms have been reacting to my body in really wierd ways as of late i wonder why?

2004-01-19 13:58:28 ET

do you do them really often, or with other things??

2004-01-19 14:00:51 ET

no i only do mushrooms when all my friends can afford them to i guess we have made it a special occasion thing... i smoke pot relatively often coupla times a week now. it used to be 3 times a day that was dumb

2004-01-19 14:05:01 ET

hmmmm..... are they different mushrooms than ones you had before? cos maybe they were grown differently or something, then...

2004-01-19 14:12:55 ET

the thing about mushrooms is that they each have a different well almost personality like thing... One trip is completely different and if the mushrooms had been bad you could tell especially since they would have killed me these ones seemed to open something up that wasn't meant to be opened but maybe then again they just pushed me over the edge. but since im still capable of coherent thought i dont think thats the case. maybe my mind was traumatized and is in the process of healing??

2004-01-19 14:15:49 ET

yaaa that could totally be the case.

you never know with shit like that though. thats why i stay away from it, and just stick with pot on the occasion.

2004-01-19 14:19:28 ET

theres something about the insanity of mushrooms that oh man its amazing i dunno im a freak

2004-01-19 14:26:14 ET

nah you're not a freak i know lotsa people who say the same thing.. its just MY personal decision not to do them, thats all

2004-01-19 15:14:54 ET

lol im not sure of anything anymore that last one was just waaaaay intense it kind of scared me but oh well

2004-01-19 15:17:07 ET

but you're still gona do 'em, right? haha

2004-01-19 15:21:44 ET

yea i probably will :) I have a slight problem with things that scare me. I obsess about them until i figure them out and they aren't really that scary anymore... You ever do anything like that?

2004-01-19 15:35:37 ET

hahah yeah totally, its completely different but i did that with ghosts because they used to scare the shit out of me

2004-01-19 15:49:34 ET

lol i had the same problem but then i kinda moved on to more complex fears its really wierd

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