2004-01-19 20:46:02 ET

well it seems im not welcome at my house for the moment being. im not sure when ill be back here. how depressing

2004-01-19 20:46:51 ET

fuck parents!

2004-01-19 20:57:23 ET

SHIT!@# What happened?

2004-01-19 20:59:55 ET

me and my mom just got in a huge fight about what happened tonight im gonna stay here tonite but i gotta figure out what i'm gonna do and see if i can't convince her she was just bein a bitch

2004-01-19 21:03:35 ET

Damn man! That seriosly blows. I hope your mother can come to sort sort of sense about all this. It isnt fair on your part.

2004-01-19 21:12:38 ET

chin up babe.

2004-01-19 21:17:24 ET

i dunno if she will we've been getting in a lot of fights lately im at a loss i dont even have anywhere to go can i live with one of you guys? :D ... fuck humor isn't even workin today

2004-01-19 21:17:51 ET


im sorry matt.
im all frustrated that i cant help you from here in cali.

*uber hugs of DOOM*

2004-01-19 21:21:18 ET

:) thx Tino hmmmm i should start getting my shit together i suppose man its gonna be a loooong night

2004-01-19 21:23:21 ET


move in with me here.
ill find you a job!

2004-01-19 21:28:53 ET

tempting but i need to get down there first

2004-01-19 21:32:09 ET


best of luck to you matthiason.
you have my number if you need anything.

2004-01-20 09:09:00 ET

ill give you a call sometime if i need to

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