2004-01-21 08:54:57 ET

Well I finally got the only two children I will probably EVER own my happy fetuses... Boredom and the internet is not always a good thing sheesh. Anyways my weekend was wierd all with my mom and all and one of my buddies got jumped last night. Its a good thing he decided to arm himself after he went into selling. While he did escape mostly intact, a black eye is all, he got cash stolen and lost his knife in the process... wierdos

2004-01-21 14:23:41 ET

who got jumped??

2004-01-21 15:55:31 ET

i adopted all those fetuses, they spoon with me and sleep in my bed at night......uhhh i mean....er.

someone got jumped? that freakin sucks.

2004-01-21 21:44:03 ET

yea its a guy i work with pokey... cool guy just bad at finding clients. they spoon with you?? hmmmm maybe if i were a fetus....

2004-01-22 18:03:19 ET

haha if only.....

2004-01-23 07:03:53 ET

damn u just ruined my dreams lol

2004-01-23 19:13:37 ET

you have very lame dreams then..haha

2004-01-23 22:00:48 ET

i think ill take lame dreams over my nightmares anyways... hey what do you mean lame?

2004-01-25 19:03:41 ET

IM LAME so hah

2004-01-25 20:54:12 ET

still not convincing me

2004-01-26 14:42:03 ET

then uhhh what will it take for me to convince you?

2004-01-26 18:45:27 ET


2004-01-27 21:16:27 ET


2004-01-27 21:53:00 ET

u decide

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