2004-01-24 22:03:58 ET

fuck it just got worse. I'm ready to give up I fucking quit I'll be in the corner if anybody needs me...

2004-01-24 22:51:59 ET

aww matt dont hide there!

things will get better.. they may not seem like it but they will.
and if they dont... well.. then i give you permission to stomp on my toe when you see me. :)

2004-01-24 22:54:22 ET

good luck dude.

2004-01-24 22:58:14 ET

we shall see

2004-01-25 11:28:59 ET

I like corners, you can join me in mine if you want.

2004-01-25 19:25:28 ET

im sure your fetus would join you.
and i will too if you want =)

feel better kid.

2004-01-26 07:05:40 ET

mmm things seem to be a little better. i bought my first bowl in a while last night it got my mind off of things and i'm back to my slightly sane self. and for you two who offered thx :) usually i do need company or else bad things do happen...

2004-01-26 13:16:40 ET

It aint no thaaaaaaang.

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