2004-01-26 19:09:36 ET

God I love making people sick with wierd ass stories

2004-01-26 19:26:45 ET

heheheh shock value.

2004-01-26 19:34:45 ET

ya just ask tina lol

2004-01-26 19:38:10 ET


i *was* hungry.

hahahahha you bastaarrrdddddddddd

2004-01-26 19:41:49 ET

O_o^ CV is a puzzled Panda.

2004-01-26 19:44:02 ET

lmao ask her about her grilled cheese and a wonderful story full of ahem poontang

2004-01-26 19:45:05 ET

*looks at Blu* Can I ask you a question about a grilled cheese sammich and ....

2004-01-26 19:45:10 ET

okay.. i was eating a grilled cheese sandwich...
and he decides to tell me this... "joke"
i am xxDevlishSoulxx
he is DevilInBlack

TheDevilInBack: say did you ever hear my grilled cheese joke?
xxDevlishSoulxx: lol noooooooooo
TheDevilInBack: :-D (thats an evil one by the way)
TheDevilInBack: okay imagine eating a grilled cheese and its all drippy warm and sticky
TheDevilInBack: k?
TheDevilInBack: now imagine waking up between your grandma legs...
TheDevilInBack: ewwwwwww
xxDevlishSoulxx: OMG
xxDevlishSoulxx: ....i cant finish my food now

2004-01-26 19:47:44 ET

lol she didn't stop me :)

2004-01-26 19:49:02 ET


lol damn you matt.

2004-01-26 19:51:39 ET

hehe i even said the smiley was an evil one that shoulda hinted at somethin :P i know im evil but i wouldn't and i dont think you would have it any other way

2004-01-26 19:52:02 ET

So anybody been shrimping lately?

2004-01-26 19:53:18 ET

lol true.. an un-evil matthiason would be fucking STRANGE.

2004-01-26 19:53:24 ET

lol nope not lately

2004-01-26 19:54:14 ET

you know it. Oh man id be like my little bro aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah nooooooo

2004-01-26 19:54:46 ET



id seriously cry if you turned into paul

2004-01-26 19:55:43 ET

guy went to the hospital after a wonderful night of shrimping...emergency room because he had a piece of shit lodged in his throat.

2004-01-26 19:56:41 ET



2004-01-26 19:58:11 ET

oh good god thats insane... don't worry i have no intentions of becoming that odd little man. and you wouldn't be the only one id be crying too

2004-01-26 19:59:51 ET

women sent her kids to school...and her husband left for work, then she decided to masterbate on the washing machine with a broom...she slipped, fell, broom went up...killed her, kids came home from school found her that way

2004-01-26 20:02:18 ET

i heard about that one i almost wet myself from laughing... horrible way to die but, but thats fuckin hilarious. sorry im being insensitive *giggle*

2004-01-26 20:05:58 ET

guy placed a sander between the couch cushions...placed his dick between the sander and the cushion...proceeded to fuck the situation, jizzed and electrocuted himself

2004-01-26 20:09:08 ET

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA good one less stupid fucker to infest the gene pool with

2004-01-26 20:10:05 ET

ahhh the things that make my day much better =) I love stupid idiots that die that way

2004-01-26 21:38:21 ET

*Tears for the Panda* Just reminded of a grandma story my friend told me. I had dry heaves just right now. Ouch.

2004-01-27 21:55:45 ET

how bad is this grandma story?

2004-01-27 22:09:01 ET

AT - It's bad. I gave away 20$ worth of lunch food because I was too disgusted to eat. I didn't even rinse my mouth out. I wanted nothing in my mouth. I wanted a dry, unmoist tongue.

2004-01-27 22:13:42 ET

hahahahaha u just succeded in making my curiosity worse

2004-01-27 22:14:09 ET


mine too

im curious.. TELL US.

2004-01-27 22:34:24 ET

Ok ... but I am going to PM you both. Not tonight cuz it's a long story.

2004-01-27 22:35:46 ET

sweet hope u remember or else... my marmasets will get you

2004-01-27 22:38:58 ET

I'll remember. I'll write it at work while I'm goofing off.

2004-01-27 22:40:02 ET

excellent goofin off at work

2004-01-27 23:54:33 ET

and now im all curious

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