2004-01-29 21:32:38 ET

MMMMMM I'm sooo fuckin bored and lonely. Entertain me plz. Maybe if someone lives remotely near me ill visit? god help me im bored

2004-01-29 21:37:04 ET

i would. but i dont live remotely close to anyone

2004-01-29 21:38:28 ET

hahaha actually thats the same deal with me i live like 30 minutes away from them all atleast... lately ive been coming up with ways to take over the world... im pathetic

2004-01-29 21:43:20 ET

I live in kentucky so...yeah

2004-01-29 21:44:24 ET

sweet... whats kentucky like? ive never traveled east of montana

2004-01-29 21:45:54 ET

Lots of hills. I live close to the lake so it's really pretty here, the area is beautiful, the people...often suck

2004-01-29 21:47:12 ET

mmmmm i would love to live close to a lake. it brings back some great memories

2004-01-29 21:47:53 ET

it's good for thinking, go there late at night with a towel and just hang out...no one to bother you and shit. Good stuff

2004-01-29 21:52:42 ET

i love swimming when its all warm and the moon is up its relaxing and peaceful. it is great for thinking i like to get myself back together at lakes

2004-01-29 21:57:35 ET

i normally dont take anyone to the lake with me, unless they're uber important

2004-01-29 22:06:05 ET

ive brought maybe 2 people with me. my best friend and one girl id bring her with again anyday.

2004-01-30 10:20:01 ET

I brought Josh, late one night, cause he's my best friend. I'd take someone else but he lives too far away

2004-01-30 22:49:59 ET

thats too bad i know how it feels

2004-01-30 23:06:17 ET


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