2004-02-01 07:20:14 ET

Wow it's going to be a very wierd day today. I've just got so many things running through my head at once. I gotta finda another job soon, that sucks but I can't work in fast food anymore I'm gonna started weeding out the gene pool by killing the stupid people with a plastic spork. I've also got to worry about paying off my car. Eh that ones pretty mundane tho. Tino this note is for you: TELL ME TO REQUEST you spring break off i don't remember when it is honestly and damnit I AM going to spend time with you. And maybe Jill :)
That reminds me I've got two different ladies doing circles in my head. Well I'm pretty sure about one just because I spent the entire night with her. Tino btw you have succeeded in making me the most horribly confused motherfucker in the world. Honestly which part were you teasing me about? The entire thing or just part of it. I lost sleep over that one.
computer crashing more later

2004-02-01 16:12:41 ET

april 6-15th i believe?!

i really want to go!
if i dont, ill castrate someone.

tina does have an incredible way of confusing the crap out of you doesnt she?

2004-02-03 22:40:36 ET

lmao i have no idea how i missed this entry.

um... REQUEST TIME OFF FOR APRIL 8th-15th.. dooo ittttt

annndd i dont remember what i was teasing you about so im just going to saayyyyyyy... part of it?

2004-02-05 09:26:27 ET

:P damn you, i bet you do remember! liar! hehehe i think you should tell me. 8-15 will do that

2004-02-05 11:46:25 ET


2004-02-05 22:00:58 ET

pfffft great now ill never know

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