I was praying...
2004-02-06 09:59:46 ET

Things just took a HUGE turn for the worse for Joe. I just got a call from him:

Joe: Hi is Matt there?
Me: Yea, whatsup Joe?
Joe: I just had a vision.
Me: really? About what?
Joe: It was of God...
Me: Joe you do realize that God only talks to the Messiah and prophets correct?
Joe: I know
Me: Which are you?
Joe: I'm not a prophet.
Me: Are you the Messiah then?
Joe: I've seen the signs *click
Me: Joe?! Are you there man? Fuck...

Great this is just Great. I think I fucked that one completely up. I don't think I did a damn thing to convince him.

2004-02-06 10:10:56 ET

I don't know whether to laugh...or what.

2004-02-06 10:14:19 ET

Yea I know it seems kinda funny. But my best friend is losing his mind I'm really scared about it.

2004-02-06 10:17:22 ET

Yeah, that's why I don't know to laugh or not.

I had the same sort of problem with my best friend about a year and a half back, it was definantly scary.

2004-02-06 10:27:23 ET

what was the outcome of that? It's just sooo wierd he managed to go from his normal self to something I'm afraid of and don't understand in a matter of like 2 or 3 days

2004-02-06 10:29:46 ET

She just went insane, she read The Koran, The Bible, and some other religious book in a matter of 3 days. Started preaching to people, claiming to have seen visions, predicting the future. She wouldn't go to sleep or anything. We just started calling her God and it scared the shit out of her and she was back to her old self.

2004-02-06 10:38:01 ET

MMMM I dunno though Joe seems to think he is Jesus or God it doesn't matter they're the same to him. He has read the Bible and The Koran both in two days... I'm not sure if I could call him God and have him react in the same way. He is very egotistical and if you even give him a hint that you don't understand he seems to label you stupid and not worth the time. And ignores you. I can barely connect with him anymore besides he thought he saw signs that he was god... damn im sorry I'm just freaked out and ranting right now

2004-02-06 10:41:30 ET

It's all good.

You know you get 50$ if you take him to the mental hospital. Plus, it'll help him alot. It's a good place to be.

2004-02-06 10:51:18 ET

I don't think it would be a good thing for him... I got thrown in a mental institute for awhile, I did not take to it well I tried to escape 6 or 7 times before they tried to put me in one of those damn solitary rooms... Needless to say I had to threaten 3 nurses before anyone would actually listen to me. My friend Kyle has some serious issues about those too he even attempted to kill a nurse at the one here... Joe is very antisocial and as far as I can tell very dangerous right now, he was asking for a gun earlier. But I know he needs professional help but I'm afraid it will seriously fuck him up worse

2004-02-06 11:58:25 ET

Yeah, well I seriously hope he gets out of this soon. It's not healthy for him or you or any of his other friends.

2004-02-07 23:04:42 ET

yea he's got us all terrified of what he is goin to do. he used to be predictable but now, I have no idea who he is

2004-02-08 15:37:27 ET


thats not good :-/

2004-02-08 23:00:13 ET

everyone has tried to talk him but you know how joe is. tino, youve missed joe doing so much its amazing... and scary

2004-02-08 23:09:50 ET


i feel kinda helpless all the way over here..

2004-02-08 23:12:40 ET

man i feel helpless and i see him almost everyday

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