Had to get my mind off shit
2004-02-06 11:09:59 ET

Whoa! You are a psycho! You are like a clown with a
maniacal laughter who wields a knife or any
other sharp weapon. You would be haunting kids'
dreams. You are the type that may enjoy to
frighten people and laugh at it. You probably
go a little past frighten--especially toward
animals. If you enjoy watching animals suffer,
that's already a bad sign. The thing about you
is that you know you're insane, but you like
it. Anyway, Happy Crazy, Twisted-Up, Halloween,
you Freaky Clown. Don't hurt anyone or

What Halloween Figure Are You?
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sweet sweettooth

2004-02-06 12:06:36 ET

Well, shatter-bones, you seem like a joker. Playing
pranks is funny to you of course. You like to
fool around with others and be, well, annoying.
Haha. Egg-throwing and smashing windows on
Halloween must be entertaining. If you're
having fun, then good for you. Just don't take
it too far or get caught. Happy Halloween,
Mr./Ms. Funny Bones.

What Halloween Figure Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh man, sounds just like me :-D

2004-02-07 23:07:46 ET

excellent harmless mischief

2004-02-08 12:50:26 ET

Oh indeed!

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