Stupid, stupid, stupid
2004-02-07 23:22:49 ET

My weekend has been nothing but stupidity for the most part. Last night me and a buddy decided to go out and get some dramamine. We heard you hallucinate pretty good off of 2 bottles of it. Well I'm still at a loss of what to say it did to me. I don't remember a god damn thing! My friends said they'd never seen me that scared and they were afraid I might take off or something because it must have totally fucked with my thought process. I say this because I couldn't come up with a coherent response to anything they asked. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG! It damn near killed me and not in the least bit fun. I don't like my life and nor do I care what happens to me. But this? It was the scarriest experience I've had thus far. I do drugs, quite a few actually and I think even the harder ones I do are quite a bit safer than over the counter drugs. I watched my other buddy go into seizures from it... trust me you don't want to go out this way. Your death reflects your life and I refuse to have the last memory that my friends have is of a drugged up incoherent fool.

Tonight there was another party up by my house. As I was coming home I saw one car go off in the ditch. I pulled the girl out made sure she was okay, also to see if she was drinking, she wasn't drinking so I sent her on her way hoping she wasn't one something else... But these little assholes rolled their 91 ford explorer. I stopped cuz I couldn't get around thier little accident. Once again made sure everyone was okay. Well all of them were piss ass drunk. Hmmmm not letting them get away. I told them I was about to do the biggest favor in the world for them. I was goin to call thier parents instead of the cops for 2 reasons:
1. I didn't feel like getting all the way involved
2. I was fucking tired I wanted a nap
Well one of these children decided it would be fun to harrass the "goth kid", as he put it. Well he did just that and told me if I didn't give him a ride into town he would kick my ass. At this moment we are like 10 miles away from anything resembling civilization so I told him to sit down and wait for mommy to come. He apparently didn't find it as funny as I did so he came at me, big challenge there side-stepping the drunk while tripping his ass. That worked well and I let him lie on the ground I no longer cared about him. Well the parents showed up and told em what was goin on they took my name and number just incase. They were very appreciative of it and I took off leaving them to their offspring. I mean is it really that hard to call and say I'm fucking drunk I'm not coming home?

I'm tired of this crap weekend after weekend why can't you learn to stay put if you're that drunk. It's not that hard and it's waaaaaaaaaay less expensive than getting in a wreck with your mommy and daddies' vehicles.

Wow never thought I'd see that both my stories had a moral? What the hell?

2004-02-07 23:27:51 ET

Dramamine patches are what makes you hallucinate. I speak from experience on that one. We were doing an out in the ocean trip and we all had to take dramamine patches behind our ears in due to rough seas and so no one would be sea sick. It made my mom and I hallucinate. She was this really cool multicolored elephant and mermaid and I saw all kinds of flying multicolored flying fish.

2004-02-07 23:30:41 ET

You're lucky then. I did hallucinate but they were nothing like what you described. What you said described one of my mushroom trips, all peacfull and happy. Not this though, I don't think I could look at another one of those pills without becoming violently ill.

2004-02-08 06:53:20 ET

Yeah, ours was just weird. We just kept seeing things. The next night, they only gave us a half of a patch. No hallucinating then.

2004-02-08 07:08:05 ET

gah that shit is soo bad for you... I just found out I made even less sense than i thought. I was asking where my armwarmers were at one point and i was told they were next to me and i threw them to a friend and told him to give it to me? drugs that make you forget everything== bad insanity man pure insanity

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