Good, interesting, bad news?
2004-02-10 08:50:54 ET

First man known died of smoking marijuana this past week.

I'm not sure whether to laugh at the irony that pot is illegal and wont kill you, while ciggarrettes on the other hand. Yea I smoke em too oh well. I don't have the article we found and I'm not entirely sure it's real. Anybody else hear anything like that?

2004-02-10 08:55:50 ET

where did it happen?

what is in britan?

2004-02-10 09:01:21 ET

i do believe it may have been. the article is at a friends house ill know more later.

2004-02-10 09:01:51 ET

Oh yea that is it.

2004-02-10 10:52:15 ET

that shit realy makes ya think.

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