2004-02-11 14:09:24 ET

Man, I'm stuck with the family tonight. So I don't even get to listen to my music.

I really don't understand the opposite sex... I had 3 different coworkers come and tell me some girls were asking about me at the front counter. Well each one came to me at about hour and a half apart. All I managed to get out of them was that they wanted my name and the next time I worked... One guy even asked who they were and if I could hook him up with the hot little goth chick... This was apparently news to him, I had no fucking idea who these people are! Is it really that hard to fucking ask to talk to me???? damn

2004-02-11 14:20:16 ET

poo @ being with family right now!

poo @ working!

poo @ having people be too stupid to not want to to talk to you!

ps- you posted this entry twice!

2004-02-11 14:28:38 ET

what? fuck i hate this computer. it not only keeps disconnecting but its posting my shit twice.... i hope it doesn't with this one too

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