That fucking does it...
2004-02-11 14:38:33 ET

... this computer just broke the last straw. now it's not loading a damn thing. I'm going to rip this damn thing apart and probably killing myself in the process.

"But that's my stapler" -"Melvin Office Space"

You remeber what he did at the end of end of the movie with the fire? Yea well it's bound to happen here. While I don't particularly like staplers... There is something to be said about me and my hats. My cousin just asked me if he could wear my favorite cat in the hat, hat. Don't get me wrong I don't generaly have a problem with people borrowing my hats, and my little cousin isn't THAT bad. It is goin to an elementary school. God damn my niceness, I agreed to it. Something is going to get burned down if it is ruined.


2004-02-11 19:40:59 ET

dude if you are gonna break you your computer beat it up like they did in the movie...or was that a printer/copier?!

either way, beat the shit out of it with a bat and then get a new one :)

2004-02-11 20:02:26 ET

that was a fax machine in office space. dont worry i would do nothing else

2004-02-11 20:08:24 ET

you must have the right ambiance music in the background...
proper technology bashing beats.

2004-02-11 20:11:08 ET

oh yesssss. and you would suggest? sure not that crap they had in the movie

2004-02-11 20:11:37 ET

rob zombie perhaps?

2004-02-11 20:21:49 ET

nah he has much tecnology goin on in his music... hmmmmmm *notices own background* heeeeeeey berzerker very violent

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