It's amazing
2004-02-11 22:20:54 ET

A plain steel block. Something so simple and plain it's very painful to look at at first. Staring into the open flame I imagine what it would be like to molded of fire to be hard and cold afterwards. Sighing, I take that steel and thrust it in. Now the plain block is an orange glowing block, it is like breathing life into nothing. Starting to shape the knife is difficult but like all other art it takes time and care. After getting my lovely curved shape I love nothing more than to just sit and listen to the metal scrape against the diamond. The noise is beautiful to me. Watch as I take the old and create a lovely new extention of my soul. Ziggzagging between my aching fingers I wonder what will this one be used for? Money is so trivial. I couldn't possibly sell this one. No this one will never leave me. It's almost time to test it.

2004-02-12 04:04:21 ET


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