Rough weekend
2004-02-16 07:19:51 ET

I don't remember the last time this many bad things happened to me in a 48 hour time period only to have them start on the third day because of presidents day. Tonight I am not leaving my friends appartment, I don't want to get arrested today.

But to top bad things off there are two lady friends that I have that I would like to say something to. But unfortunately I am to damn shy to say it. *sigh I guess theres always next time...

they still tell me I'm worthless. Still they tell me suicide is a horrible option. Are they really inviting me to fix my problems with their own deaths?

HIDE everyone HIDE it's started! the curse of presidents day!

2004-02-16 10:17:13 ET

whoah matt!

you better be on tonight so i can talk to you!

2004-02-16 13:38:53 ET

Presidents day has a curse?

2004-02-16 19:07:22 ET


2004-02-17 21:50:39 ET

Yea it does have a curse. And my dumbass friend fucking carried it on last night. Jesse decided him and John were gonna go to a company party and get high on the way there. Well as fate would fucking have it he gets pulled over higher than a kite. Got a speeding ticket, a parafanalia ticket, and a possesion ticket. We all told him he was stupid and his response was "what?" We only had to say Presidents day and he started swearing and cursing that day. Damn him

2004-02-17 21:52:03 ET

*shakes head*

thats going to be a HEFTY FINE for that ticket.

2004-02-17 21:54:21 ET

nah the bastard got off easy. only a 415 dollar fine. compared to the 7 years in prison he coulda got if the normal judge was there.

sorry im not on aim it wont let me on

2004-02-17 21:55:27 ET

lucky bastard!

2004-02-17 21:57:15 ET

no shit. but he is grounded again

2004-02-17 22:01:28 ET

i figured he would get grounded

2004-02-18 10:40:31 ET

Damn presidents day.

2004-02-18 11:05:39 ET

yep u guys should start lockin yourselves away on that day nothing good can come of it

2004-02-18 11:57:27 ET

yesh i guess so, nothing good happened that day for me, but nothing particularly bad either.

2004-02-18 12:00:23 ET

lol don't do anything illegal that day you will get raped by the system... Found out Jesse could have gotten away with everything!!!!! that moron. In Montana it is illegal to search on smell alone. His car reeked of pot. Everything else was hidden and he even passed the sobriety tests. That fool is now poorer

2004-02-18 12:01:53 ET

lol the legal system really is kinda fucked.

2004-02-18 12:04:51 ET

yea it is. its very sad when you need interpreters of the law and you usually don't know you did something that horridly wrong until you go to court. damn the man

2004-02-18 12:06:55 ET

yeah, just goes to show how our country is just turning into more of a communist nation rather than the democracy we supposidly are. First it's the businesses, then it's the people. Yep. Pity.

2004-02-18 12:11:06 ET

We were a democracy? hmmmmm it always seemed more of a facism you could vote for...

2004-02-18 12:12:11 ET

Haha, that has never come to my attention, but now that you speak of it, yes it does. Guess i'm too busy blamin all those communists for everything.

2004-02-18 12:19:11 ET

lol yea they seem to get it a lot. Marxism was a good idea but people are too corrupt. government is a means of ruling the corrupt

2004-02-18 15:14:11 ET

this is true.

you seem very smart. i like talkin to you.

2004-02-18 21:31:16 ET

hehe i've never been called smart before. thanks, i don't think its so much of intelligence than the fact i think things over... meh oh well :) its definitely nice having someone to talk to tho

2004-02-19 10:34:20 ET

I think intelligence and knowledge are two different things.

When you tell someone they are smart,it can apply to either or both. :-)

Yes, there is a lack of good people to talk to these days.

2004-02-19 21:53:30 ET

yes, its rather unfortunate. i like to have lengthy conversations.

2004-02-20 10:41:43 ET

As do I. And it's good to talk to someone with different interests because you learn alot.

I don't like to talk to closed minded people. You know the type who are ALWAYs right and don't like other peoples opinions?

2004-02-20 20:07:15 ET

hehe kinda like my parents? i know how it is

2004-02-21 15:49:17 ET

Closed mindedness must be a plauge that most parents have caught.

2004-02-21 19:29:16 ET

i think it happens in old age... get all set in your ways and shit.

2004-02-21 19:36:35 ET

Yeah, but then you have some of those kickass old people, haha. They're great!

2004-02-21 19:53:10 ET

Good point. Some old people are pimps!

2004-02-21 19:55:46 ET

HAHA...oh my. My uncle is convinced that he's been 18 for the last 30 years.

2004-02-21 19:58:40 ET

hahahahahahaha sweet!

2004-02-21 20:04:05 ET

Seriously, he still goes around asking people to buy alcohol for him.

2004-02-21 20:06:15 ET

Ummm are you serious? I'm only 19 and I stopped doin that. I can just go to almost any gas station and buy but oh well... Wow thats strange

2004-02-23 10:37:41 ET

He's crazy, I mean, really crazy...I think.

2004-02-24 08:22:26 ET

dang thats unfortunate

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