Sigh again...
2004-02-18 06:27:59 ET

I'm getting tired of my life to be honest with you. Yes random crap happens to me everyday and thats cool and all but I'm way too involved with things and people that will probably be bad for me in the near future. Still there is no one to look forward to seeing at the end of the day. And that is needless to say a very hopless feeling. And seeing some girl everyday after a fucking bad day would be nice, I get to do this anyways but it's with a girl I could never have, and one that I would love to give it all too.

Still the pain I recieve keeps me strong and it keeps me moving on. Unfortunately this is very true and I have a feeling that I'm addicted to my pain and suffering. It would just be a wierd day without it.

By the way. DO NOT preach at a drive through guy. We get it atleast 3 other times a day and you just might get their wrath. I'm going to hell now, have a wonderful day

2004-02-18 10:56:08 ET

it is a hopeless feeling when you feel as if you dont have anything (or anyone) to look forward to. you need something like that as a motivation to keep moving forward.

i know how you feel, ive been dealing with that alot lately.

2004-02-18 11:25:48 ET

i don't know if its really a feeling anymore than it is my reality.

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