2004-02-18 11:42:29 ET

I've got machine guns
And yes theyre lots of fun
We got some bullets
And were mowin everybody down

My mother said all were angels
But I swear I saw the evil
The evil that bleeds from the sky
From the Sky

Just thought you might want to hear some words from NothingFace.

Man I got some confessions but no one to tell them too. Isn't that a bitch? So heres your fair warning If you're not in the mood for some bitching get the fuck out!

1. I need a better job. First off I can't get either job I wanted to have origionally because of my mental condition. Fuck you bastards! I made it through school like this now you wont take me fuck you and shut your fucking lip.

2. My love life is complete shit always has been always will be. Every girl friend I've ever had will never speak to me again. Maybe I deserve it from Kristel but she started treating me like shit first. Do you know what it's like to be laughed at when you ask someone on a date? It's happened 3 times in the past 2 months.

3. I've tried waaaaaaay too many drugs in my life. Some have nearly killed me. Dramamine, alcohol, and corricidine are horrible drugs I learned the hard way. I've gotten into some really hardcore drugs before. And my drug of choice will make me go insane...

4. I have a problem with knives. No I don't mean I hate them. I'm very attracted to them. I think too much so. I know it's a problem that I cut myself. But it's a relief to feel it break my skin and a comfort to watch as the blood puddles on my skin. I'm a freak leave me alone.

5. I hate most everybody. I can think of 10 people at most which I haven't wanted to kill at one point or another.

6. I'm just crazy as shit. I can't get through a day without having some god damn delusion. Or having my imaginary shadow speak to me. I'm ready to quit.

Sorry about all of that. But I don't have anyone else to really talk to and I like ranting. Besides it's semi theraputic and less destructive than other things I could be doin right now.

2004-02-18 11:46:21 ET

you are talking to me right now biatch!
i bitched to you briefly,
the least i can do is be nice and lend my ears in return.

2004-02-18 11:51:36 ET

yes you are talking to me. but sometimes i need to free write things so they can come out. it just doesn't work in a convo for me sometimes.

2004-02-18 11:57:28 ET

understandable, but either way you can vent to me if you want.

2004-02-18 12:01:04 ET


2004-02-18 12:02:11 ET

ummmm jill i have a slight drug problem... but i can't tell anyone. its one of those things even the users look down on it. im screwed

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