No car.
2004-02-19 06:52:49 ET

Well I'm without a car again today. Thats the whole reason I hate bringing it to a shop. A 30 min job turns into a 3 hour job... Just my luck, oh well I work late so I guess it kinda works out.

Has anyone seen the the Peta comercial??? Sorry but it fucking disgusts me. The animal cruelty shit they showed was pretty horrid and mean, but cmon how often does that crap really happen? I'm related to pig, cattle, and normal farmers and I haven't seen this happen in my 19 years of existance. However I don't doubt that it does happen because the world is a sick place. All I gotta say is grow up guys and come up with a little less extreme propaganda you sickos.

Anyways I have a question for all of you who have tried psycadelic mushrooms more than once. Can you make objects move when you're sober like they do when you're on the mushrooms? I thought I was fucking nuts at first but then a few of my friends said they could do the same thing. And I was wondering if anybody else has noticed these little side effects.

And thats enough of my random subjects. I still need a girlfriend and I need to head back to work. *sigh* more angry people to deal with

2004-02-20 11:10:36 ET

I am a supporter of Peta, but I do say that they might show the most gruesome pictures.

It doesn't happen on relativly small farms. It happens at large company slaughter houses and government buildings. It's quite sad, but they should choose their words better and forget about alot of the pictures.

2004-02-20 20:13:29 ET

I have no doubt it does happen in large factories, but they were showing what looked like small farmers... That just really iritated me.

I'm not against Peta but I wish they would choose better material as I do with many other organizations.

2004-02-21 15:51:58 ET

I have been writing a friend a Peta about their use of visual propoganda. I wish that they would make a change as they are wanting the food industry to make such a radical change.

Grossing people out isn't going to make everyone vegetarian.

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