This is badass
2004-02-24 21:15:23 ET

I fixed my Crossbreed cd which I haven't been able to listen to in a long time. I love that cd. It's wierd but fucking cool. Yay!

2004-02-24 21:23:46 ET

Crossbreed ... why does that sound so familar?

2004-02-24 21:26:26 ET

sounds like Hatebreed which is also a badass band but not even close to the same style

2004-02-24 21:34:04 ET

nope ... i was thinking of a label ... nightbreed. yeah ... ok i'm all together now =D

2004-02-25 19:52:56 ET

excellent! i haven't heard anything off the nightbreed label, atleast i don't think so.

2004-02-25 19:55:54 ET

mmm it's and underground label from the UK. Gothic, Industrial, Electronic, etc. It's rather nifty.

2004-02-25 19:57:49 ET

hmmmm maybe i should look for some bands off of it

2004-02-25 19:58:45 ET

lemme find their website for you

2004-02-25 19:59:27 ET

2004-02-25 20:02:00 ET

oooo looks promising, i'm in need of a new band to listen too

2004-02-25 20:08:57 ET

they have nifty stuff. i used to get their catalouge, before they started changing the company around and all. i just got another news thingy the other day that said they are going to change the company around yet again and hope to have the relaunch done by april.

2004-02-25 20:09:43 ET

dang. have you ever heard of hammer heart hails?

2004-02-25 20:10:28 ET

no i haven't

2004-02-25 20:28:58 ET

mmmmm my friend has a cd called that but we cant figure out where it came from

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