this is great
2004-02-26 10:35:31 ET

I don't care what anyone says. I fuckin love cats. Today has been a bad day so far, everybody has been ignoring me. And my kitty jumped up on my lap and started purring. It made me feel loved =D

2004-02-26 12:27:12 ET

It's not that I don't like them...they just stink. And I find that there is really no way to stop them from stinking. Cat's just have that cat smell and I find it repulsive.

2004-02-26 19:11:47 ET

HEHE thats cool. I just like em cuz they have personalities similar to mine. And they are fun to play with

2004-02-27 03:43:26 ET

Well, they're neat animals! I hope you don't stink similar to them! :-)

2004-02-28 19:32:21 ET

Hehe no I don't. I bathe regularly unlike that crazy lady that lives down the street. Only to wander out at night to throw cats at unsuspecting bystanders.

2004-02-28 21:47:23 ET

Cats don't stink more than humans. They just lack perfume and other scent masks. The kitty litter must be cleaned out by humans as well, this is not the fault of the cat.

2004-02-29 14:33:46 ET

Haha, I slept with cats all weekend at Nicoles...I guess they aren't THAT bad.

2004-02-29 18:08:39 ET

No cats don't stink more than humans, they merely have a different scent that most people don't like...

=P see cats are fun

2004-03-01 13:30:16 ET

And they're warm and cuddly!

2004-03-01 20:49:17 ET

uh huh!

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