2004-02-26 19:21:50 ET

I don't have a reason. I've just been depressed all day.
I hate feeling like this.

2004-02-26 19:54:53 ET

hey man, welcome to our world. if you want to talk to some one, PM me....i work with this all day so i know how to help. Just hang in bro

2004-02-26 20:24:46 ET

i'm sorry, matt.
i'll be there in 42 days.. 41 by the time you read this.
ill do my KINKYSLINKY dance for you and things will be good!

sorry i wasnt on to talk to you..
my AIMclone wouldnt work.
you should add my other AIM name: AddictedToSalt

2004-02-26 21:37:37 ET

matt lets SPOON!

2004-02-28 19:38:37 ET

yea and in 41 days i get a vaca. from work =) i may not go back tho...

2004-02-28 21:03:52 ET

40 days now, punk.
39 days innnnn... 57 mins :-D

2004-02-29 18:11:26 ET

damnit i dont know what today is either! arrrrrg but its gonna be great!

oooo cant wait to spoon

Forgotten: thx for the invite. its always nice to chat with someone

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