2004-02-28 19:30:01 ET

Okay I have a disability with talking to girls... This fucking blows.

2004-02-29 19:18:35 ET you, i have problem talking to guys.......

2004-02-29 19:19:54 ET

well let me rephrase that, i plain don't speak actually. so it's no wonder i have problems talking to girls

2004-02-29 19:23:52 ET

so you're saying that a cute guy like yourself who really shouldnt have any trouble bagging himself a damn fine ass girl doesnt even talk to them.....damn....i really will switch you problems......i cant even talk to the guys i like...even if i wanted to

2004-02-29 19:27:23 ET

problem is that im not incapable of talking to them, i just don't have very good social skills and i freak out sometimes... quite embarassing really

2004-02-29 19:50:32 ET

freak out? like froth at the mouth, spaziing, possesed freak out or just wet your pants and run in fear? sorry.....had to add some humor in. i guess you and I are in the same really shy so i dont approach the guys I like. For you and I it's just a matter of having some confidence (which i seriously lack...). but as they say, easier said than done

2004-03-01 20:51:07 ET

hmmmm id actually go for a bleeding from the ears while the eyes turn white type of freak out... lol

yea being shy blows... i don't have a problem trying to talk, especially when someone puts me up to it. i guess i don't know how to talk to girls

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