Holy crap thats odd...
2004-03-02 07:50:07 ET

Well after my little incedent with Mel yesterday I got to thinking about everyone I've ever considered a friend. Well and my conclusion is that I'm a bad person. Every person I hang out with now, with the exception of jesse (he is a more clean cut version of me), was a decent nice non-drug using type of person. Hell even a few of my friends had religion before they met me. I kinda wonder if any of them have noticed this strange little effect I've had on them. Lee, I got to smoke pot once, he loved it and then he started listening to what I said and it made sense so his religion went out the window... Now he's like me only not so much of a doomsayer tho. Jesse was the next person, well he was a version of me from the beggining and visa versa. James was next, all of his friends ditched him and I felt bad and invited him to go party with us. And now he is part of the family. Kristel, well actually she was nice then she started copying things me and all my friends did and turned into and obsessive possesive psycotic whore...

Wow it's nice to know that you play a nice role in the deconstruction of Western Civilization.

2004-03-02 07:58:53 ET

I'm the exception to the ruuule!

and NO you're NOT a bad person... you're FAR from it.
Out of all the people you named, only 2 aren't your friends...
and even though I love Mel and Kristel, they stopped being your friend for the wrong reasons. (although there could be more to the you and Mel story than I know)

37 dayyyyss.
then I'll be back in August.

2004-03-02 19:28:15 ET

Oh yea you and jesse hehe you corrupt little bastards! i love you both lol wooo im sleep deprived and giddy

2004-03-02 19:36:29 ET

you're not a bad person....people are who they are, no matter what you do. sometimes they just need a catalyst to bring themselves out (for better or worse....just look at the tom thing...most of what he's become was because i encouraged him to better things). people change, but only because they want to, so dont blame yourself

2004-03-02 19:40:32 ET

but being a catalyst is like being the cause which is a rather empty feeling im left with... I understand what you are saying though, I never really looked at it like that

2004-03-02 19:56:59 ET

i dont know....look at it like this. a bomb is set to explode, but some one, really any joe blow schmo needs to do is touch it before it sends everything to hell. could be you, could be the next door neighbor....just anybody will do to make it go off. help any?

2004-03-02 20:15:21 ET

hmmm good point

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