2004-03-02 19:30:20 ET

Things have to change soon. It sounds like me and my friends have a pretty good chance that old guy is gonna call the cops on us... One way ticket to jail. Oh man This is really freaky

2004-03-02 19:46:49 ET

???? ::lost look:: ???? even if they do, i got a few friends that'll spring ya.....call it a personal favor >

2004-03-02 19:47:07 ET

2004-03-02 19:49:07 ET

hey sweet!

long story short.

some shady things go on in that house. the money is nice and needed so thats that. and well a few people found out that we didn't want to know.

2004-03-02 19:53:45 ET

ooooooo.....hmmmmm.....what state you in? i defintely have a few contacts if thats the case....

2004-03-02 19:55:49 ET

montana, we started working on the problem so we hope it goes unnoticed.

2004-03-02 19:58:30 ET

hmmmmmm, lets see whoose corrupted ass owes me up there......if this really does become a serious problem, let me know....things can magically clear up if you know what i mean.....in the mean time i'll make a few calls...

2004-03-02 20:16:59 ET

that would be awesome! yea it shouldn't too much worse *knock on wood* but yea id say

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