How do I still have a job?
2004-03-03 15:02:51 ET

Okay I flipped shit on a customer today, really badly... She was just soooooo stupid and rude. It couldn't be helped. Sigh I got 80 bucks stolen outta my wallet which was in my bandana, in my pants, at the bottom of my bag at work. There were so many new people today I have no idea who it coulda been. My general manager told me hed try and find out who. My only reply was don't tell me at work if you don't want a broken person on your hands.

2004-03-03 15:27:46 ET

People who steal need to be sentenced to death. Especially when it's stupid little things from random people. That's just dumb.

2004-03-03 15:28:29 ET

80 bucks???
that blows.

2004-03-03 15:32:12 ET

yep that was gas money... im screwed

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