2004-03-03 15:43:56 ET

Despite a crappy day my evening is going well. Just gave myself a haircut and now I'm redying my hair, as it was much needed. So I'm all happy. I also got to paint my nails. I love not having to work the next day =D

Still stuck on what I'm gonna do for cash during the next week... Maybe I could become a gigilo. Hmmmm that could lead to many exciting adventures wink wink nudge nudge anybody got some cash?

2004-03-03 17:22:06 ET

i need a hair cut bad...lol and i also redyed my hair 2night as well. its bright ass red...and you can also come and work for me....tehehe.:-)

2004-03-03 17:22:25 ET


2004-03-03 17:50:34 ET

OOOOOOOO mememememememememe......::pulls out wad of cash::!!!!!!


2004-03-03 21:16:05 ET

matt! be my hooker! heh

2004-03-04 17:07:22 ET

Woohoo! I gots me a business! I wonder if this will work in real life now... *ponders outfits he could wear*

I really wanna do pink roots and then the rest black again... I like that a lot but the YMCA made me dye it black cuz it was scarin the members... lol hmmmm

Jill all I have to say is fuckin sweet! =P

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