2004-03-06 07:37:46 ET

Does anybody know if you can truly lose it if you were to dig too deep into one's psyche?

35 days till vacation time! And Tino and Jill are comin. I'm soooo excited! =D

On another note I think I'm going to go get a kitten when payday rolls around

2004-03-06 09:49:52 ET

tina says: 33 days dumbass!!!!!!!


2004-03-06 12:56:47 ET

define "lose it".....

2004-03-07 15:52:47 ET

oh wait...
35 days until YOUR vacation time?

you have to work the first 2 days were there??

2004-03-07 17:06:53 ET

uh i dunno i read the uh, oh fuck it my sense of time is all fucked up... no i get the 8-15 off (i hope)

As in can you go quite literally insane?

2004-03-07 18:07:09 ET

ummmm...it has been documented (demented...) that such thing has happened....but i wouldnt worry about it TO much

2004-03-07 18:11:30 ET

oh I'M not worried about it. what I'm worried about is my buddy joe... tho he has calmed down a bit he is still bein wierd

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