2004-03-08 13:50:50 ET

Well I managed to drop the shampoo bottle on my foot in the same place 5 times this morning, put a nice gash in my foot... Just the start of a day full of mean people. But I got my revenge muahahahaha dont fuck with fast food workers.

After work was cool. Got to go off roadin at the tank trails in my little gmc. It was so fuckin badass.

I hope Tino and Jill are ready to go on that with me when they get here. Its a fuckin blast.

So I took my shower and I'm waitin on some grub, then it's partay time! Cuz once again it's FRIDAY for me.

2004-03-08 14:01:52 ET

im ready to take your car and drive it

because im Tina and im SPECIAL.

2004-03-08 14:02:30 ET

fear for your LIFE!

i hope you can shift in his car...
unlike the truck.


2004-03-08 14:04:07 ET

muahahaha mines an automatic :P so no screwing up there, well atleast no worse than what id do.

And yea tino ill bring you to the trails and let you fuck around lol it awesome there

2004-03-08 14:05:18 ET

so is hers!
but her shifter thing is a BASTARD and fucking HATES ME.

im driving your car.
whether you like it or not.

2004-03-08 14:10:32 ET

friday for you? whoa.....::head hurting:: am i in a bad time warp or something?

2004-03-08 14:12:58 ET

no, not quite. It's shift work... My week is not a week. Actually I'm in a bad time warp. sheesh I'm screwed the rest of the world is either behind or ahead of me in time...

Ouch, that hurts my head I'm done.

Really how are you gonna get my keys?

2004-03-08 14:14:24 ET

ill uhh... drug you?

2004-03-08 14:16:14 ET

mmm sounds hot.

2004-03-08 14:19:49 ET

and besides!
i have TinaPowers.

I can convince you to give me your keys.
because I'm Tina.
and I can do things like that.


2004-03-08 14:24:06 ET

Your mind powers are no match for my aloofness!

Btw the only way ur gonna drug me up beyond the point of oblivion is giving me a half gallon of vodka (I apparently drink the shit like water, tho I was too drunk to remember) or give me dramamine which would just come right back out. I hate that shit.

Try again please...

Jill, druggin me sounds hot eh? Should I be afraid or excited to meet you?

2004-03-08 14:29:20 ET

...hmm i dont know.
*evil laugh*

2004-03-08 14:52:52 ET

mmmmm april sounds like a fun month already

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