Something to do, Something to do
2004-03-08 14:15:12 ET

Well in a month I'm either getting 2 tongue rings or a tattoo...

Any suggestions? tatt designs would be a good suggestion too =) or any other piercing for that matter

2004-03-08 16:31:55 ET

Get the tongue rings...but I would highly advise against getting them at the same time! lol

2004-03-09 07:58:32 ET

Yea? whys that? See I know nothing about tongue piercings so any kind of info would be cool.
I've never seen anyone with 2 so I decided that was a good number

2004-03-09 12:09:04 ET

Well...your body has this weird thing called an immune system. lol...and having 2 wounds in one muscle, your tongue being the muscle, will prevent the piercing(s) from healing at the rate they normally would. A single tongue piercing will heal beyond pain in about 3 weeks. 2 piercings would cause them to heal in about 6 or 7 weeks. So unless you want immense swelling, lisping, and drooling. Stick with one at a time!

2004-03-09 13:48:27 ET

DAMN... that would suck thanks for the advice :)

2004-03-09 18:50:26 ET

just for shits and gigles.....get hebrew lettering done as a tatoo.....i still get compliments about mine...

2004-03-09 19:30:49 ET

lol thatd be interesting, a satanist with hebrew on him, perhaps i don't know

2004-03-10 13:05:53 ET

it's an easy thing....just download a hebrew font for microsoft word....thing translates any word into hebrew letters....for all i care get "satan loves you"......

2004-03-10 18:54:22 ET

HAHAHAHA thats a good idea...

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