2004-03-09 19:41:12 ET

Tonight was a fun mind game.
1.Skipped class
2.Got my work done for class
3.Dodged the parents for a night
4.Went out and partied briefly
And it sucked because I had to do it without a car.

Also I am one big ball of soreness. Must... find... massage... person...

2004-03-09 21:18:59 ET

drive to b.c., I'll give you a massage ^_^

2004-03-10 15:09:26 ET

Skipping class is cool! Wahahahaha. Be cool, skip school...or some 80's anthem of the sort.

2004-03-10 18:58:29 ET

Hey the drive up there may not be too bad. I think I may be going up to Vancouver and a trip around canada in awhile. Lol watch out I may take you up on the offer.

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