2004-03-10 19:03:54 ET

Okay tonight was a good night over all, even though I'm still sore as shiat!
It was pretty much just me and Amber for the night and we just sat around and chatted. It's great having someone to bullshit with. But something wierd had to happen, of course. First she admitted that I was her favorite person to talk to (I was rather flattered actually), but then she said I was great because I could carry on a conversation like a girl... About random nonesense and keep it interesting... What? That was quite odd.

Good/bad thing? I do not know...

2004-03-10 19:26:28 ET

take it as you will.....or use to your advantage at least...

2004-03-10 19:33:47 ET

how shall i do this?

2004-03-10 19:41:26 ET

well....when you do talk to a girl, it seems to me that you can connect with them better most str8 guys....::hint, hint::

2004-03-11 07:53:49 ET

how shall i use this to my advantage?

2004-03-11 07:54:37 ET

doh sry, my computer is being really really not cool...

geh i shoulda seen that answer comin

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