Why? I don't even own the place.
2004-03-14 14:05:35 ET

It never fails, some dumbass customer always has to ruin my fucking day! Like it's my fault that the store doesn't have credit card machines. Yet they still continue to bitch ME out. Not the managers and certainly not the owner. Asshats...

I am sooooo bored right now. Stuck at my grandmas again for yet another little kid birthday party. Yea I'm a big fuckin ray of sunshine today. I hate people today with very few exceptions. I need to see an old friendly face again. And I'm sure as hell not talking about Dan, the bastard.

I guess it's time to spend time with the family... We'll see if it happens though.

2004-03-14 15:11:56 ET

wow....even i feel the wrath of the hate....j/k of course

2004-03-14 20:35:08 ET

hahaha nah you are as well an exception

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