2004-03-16 21:40:47 ET

That was fucking intense, I'm still shaking from it.

I'm apparently a good person to have a conversation with... I wonder if that means I should start talking more. Hah doubt it.

2004-03-16 21:44:14 ET

you're so vague!!

2004-03-17 09:09:01 ET

Vagueness is the one thing I'm good at.

Lmao I got in a race last night it was crazy shit! 90+ mph down reserve oh yea that was fun... though the other guy wasn't quite as nutty as I am ;) oh and cops don't like it when you race that fast but usually can't do a damn thing bout it cuz by the time they read the radar gun I'm gone already

2004-03-17 09:09:33 ET


you're crazy!

2004-03-17 09:13:55 ET

I know and thats why you love me =D

2004-03-17 09:14:32 ET

lol true.

2004-03-17 09:17:40 ET

uh huh noboday can get enuff of crazy matt

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